Written Evidence to GLA Planning and Regeneration Committee

On Tuesday 28th November, Inclusion London gave evidence to the Planning and Regeneration Committee

The Planning and Regeneration Committee examines the London Plan, including policies on accessibility of the built environment.

On Tuesday 28th November 2023, Laura Vicinanza, our Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, gave evidence to the committee. The session was focused on accessible housing, planning and inclusive design.


You can watch the live session here: https://webcasts.london.gov.uk/Assembly/Event/Index/44c4f44d-6ca7-4af0-83c1-beffe207c131


Before the session, we submitted detailed written evidence, alongside a brief summary version. You can view them here:

Read our written submission (Word doc)

Read the summary version (Word doc)


The submission includes recommendations to the committee on:

  • What accessibility barriers Disabled people face when navigating the built environment, including barriers to active travel and public transport
  • The principles of inclusive design and Policy D5 in the London Plan
  • Policy D7 on accessible housing, what the accessible housing targets are in London and what they mean in practice
  • Why we need to prioritise affordable and accessible housing
  • Issues with the existing housing stock in London and the importance of retrofitting
  • The problems with data collection – both of the GLA and local authorities
  • Issues with housing allocation systems