Code of conduct

Inclusion London strives to provide accessible training, networking and a supportive learning environment

Inclusion London strives to provide accessible training, networking and a supportive learning environment.

In order to achieve this we ask all individuals taking part in activities to:

Be respectful

We ask you to be respectful and considerate to our trainers/facilitators and other participants. Please do not use inappropriate language,  or make comments that could be deemed offensive or disrespectful to others (sexist, racist, disablist, ageist or homophobic).

Please do not interrupt others while they are speaking and please listen to what others are saying.

Please be mindful that events are about bringing representatives of DDPOs together to identify and discuss common issues so please allow others to speak.

Please be aware that events are for representatives of organisations and that we do not provide advice or support to individuals.

Please respect other people’s access needs.


Please respect each other’s privacy, and do not share sensitive information about others outside the learning environment. Our training should be a safe place to speak, and we want everyone to feel able to speak up and explore issues in an open manner; therefore, we ask you to keep any personal information that may arise confidential.

Considerate Use of Mobile Phones

The sound and use of mobile phones can be distracting and disruptive. We therefore ask that you turn off or ‘silence’ your mobile phone during training/events, and keep it out of sight during sessions. We have frequent breaks, so please use them to make any phone calls or send messages.


Please allow plenty of time to travel to events, and aim to arrive during the Registration period. Location, travel and parking information is always sent out in advance of events to help you plan your journey.

Terms and Conditions

By booking an event, you agree to act in accordance with this Code of Conduct, and to act appropriately. If you are considered to be acting inappropriately during a workshop or event, you will be asked to stop. If you continue to act inappropriately, you will be asked to leave.

Inclusion London reserves the right to refuse services to anyone violating these terms.