StopChanges2ATW (which stands for ‘Stop the Changes to Access to Work’)  was set up in October 2013, by Deaf/BSL users and two interpreters. 

Initially, it was to be a short campaign to raise the issues facing Deaf/BSL users who were experiencing all sorts of reductions to their Access to Work support without due consultation.  The impact of the changes to Access to Work support has been devastating to many Deaf/BSL employees.

Since 2013 the campaign has become broader and is a now a campaign of Deaf and Disabled people who are experiencing the same problems of having their Access to Work resources either reduced or cut altogether. The campaign has been instrumental in supporting Deaf people and Disabled People to bring their concerns to DWP, Politicians, and the Select Committee…etc and is a good example of how Deaf and Disabled people can work together and campaign on shared issues of concern.

The campaign has a website: