Shadow report 2022

This report is about how well the government in Westminster is doing to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (CRDP).

It covers the laws and policies introduced by the Government in Westminster since 2017, when the UK was last examined by the UN Disability Committee. Westminster is the national Government for England. It also has certain powers that affect the lives of Deaf and Disabled people in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

This report was put together by Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations led by Inclusion London.  We collected evidence from Deaf and Disabled people, from their organisations and from non-user led organisations. We also carried out research looking at relevant reports and research on what has been happening to Deaf and Disabled people in the UK since 2017. 

Our key findings:

  • The situation for Disabled people got worse after 2017 when UN last looked at the UK’s progress. 2017
  • Westminster Government (WeG) has taken some positive steps, but they have not addressed key problems.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic response discriminated against Disabled people and violated our equal right to life
  • Disability equality and human rights approaches towards disability have been further undermined since 2017
  • There is insufficient monitoring and promotion of the CRDP by WeG

We will send the abridged version of this report to the UN Committee on the Rights of Disabled people to help them choose questions to ask the UK Government when they next examine the UK’s progress.  The Committee will not be deciding its questions until 2023. Before then we will send them an update on this report with recent developments. 

We are calling on organisations and individuals to show their support for the report by signing it.

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UNCRDP Westminster Government Shadow Report 

UNCRDP Westminster Government Shadow Report (PDF)

UNCRDP Westminster Government Shadow Report (Word)

UNCRDP Westminster Government Shadow Report Summary (Word)

UNCRDP Westminster Government Shadow Report – easy read summary (PDF)

UK List of Issues (Word)

Westminster Government Shadow report as submitted to the UN (PDF)

Report Annexes

Annex A – Our Voices – extracts from personal testimonies and evidence submissions

Annex B – Progress Tracker of 2016 and 2017 Recommendations

Annex C – Evidence analysis

Annex D – Survey Findings


Civil Society shadow reports for the regions

Civil Society shadow report – Northern Ireland

Civil Society shadow report – Scotland

Civil Society shadow report – Wales