Inclusion London have rules about your personal information.


This page tells you:

  • What we do with your information.
  • Why we use your information.
  • How we keep it safe.
  • How we share it.



You have rights about your information.

We will tell you about them.


Sometimes, you might give us your information.

For example, if you work with us or complete a survey.

When you give us information, we will tell you about our rules.



If you are happy with the rules, we will use your information exactly how we say.

If you are not happy, please tell us.


Inclusion London is a charity.

We support user-led Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations in London.

We campaign for equality for Deaf and Disabled people.

We also give out information about issues which affect Deaf/Disabled people.



We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under number ZA124663.

We are a registered charity under number 1157376

We are a registered company limited by guarantee in England and Wales under number 6729420.


You might have questions about our privacy policy.

You may want to change how we contact you.

If so, you can tell us.



You can email

Or you can phone our office on 020 7237 3181.

Your personal information

What is personal information?

Personal information is information about you. It can be:

  • Your name.
  • Your phone number.
  • Where you live.
  • Your email.
  • Your bank details if you give us money.

What information do we get and how?

We get information about you when you do these things.

  • Join our email news.
  • Become a member of Inclusion London.
  • Talk to us or book for training or events.
  • Come to our events.
  • Help with our projects like: Disability Justice and Business Development.
  • Fill out our surveys.
  • Talk to us about plans and rules.


  • Use our letters and forms on
  • Chat with our Disability Related Expenditure bot online.
  • Visit our website.


What do we do with your information?

We only use your personal information when:

  • You say it’s okay for a clear reason.
  • The law says we have to.
  • We need to for our work, but only if it’s okay with the law and your rights.


Why do we take your information and what do we do with it?

We take your information to:

  • Help you with our services.
  • Talk to you.
  • Send you things that you might like.


We use your information to:

  • Send you news about our work, like newsletters.
  • Help you by talking on the phone or email.
  • Check how our projects are doing.
  • Make our services better.
  • Follow the law about sharing information.
  • Remember what we talk about, like emails or phone chats.



We follow special rules about your information.

We use the rules from:

  • The Data Protection Acts from 1984 and 1998.
  • The GDPR rules from May 2018.
  • Any other important rules about data protection.




We follow the right steps to keep your information safe.

We use your information because you said it’s okay.

This is called Consent.


Where do we keep your information?

We save your information:

  • On computers.
  • Sometimes on paper.



Information you give to Inclusion London is kept in the UK.

If you complete a survey on Jotform, this is stored in Germany.

If you sign up to our Mailchimp, that information is stored in the USA.

How do we keep it safe?

We have rules to keep your information safe.

Not everyone can see it. Only people who need to for their job.

They must handle it the right way and keep it private.



What if there’s a problem?

If something goes wrong with your information, we have steps to fix it.

If something happens, we will tell you and the right officials.


How long do we save your information?

We keep your information only as long as we need to.

After that, we safely get rid of it.

This follows the GDPR rules.


Who sees your information?

We keep your information safe and private.

We won’t give it to anyone unless you say it is okay.


We won’t tell others your details unless we think someone is at risk.

If wrong info about you is given to someone, we’ll tell them to fix it.



We do not sell your information.

We also do not let others use it for their adverts.

We do not let people use your information for fundraising.



Some companies help us do our work.

Right now, Mailchimp sends some emails for us.

We use SurveyMonkey and Jotform for surveys.

Google Analytics checks our website data.



These companies use information as well.

We only give them what they need to help.

We make sure they keep your information safe like we do.


Removing your information

If you want us to delete your information, you can email

We will reply in one month.




Please tell us where you gave your information to us.

Please try to tell us as much as you remember.

This helps us find your information, especially if it is anonymous.

Anonymous means there is not a name with the information.

For example, lots of our surveys can be filled out without writing your name or any other personal information in.

This makes the survey anonymous.


Sometimes there might be reasons why we can’t remove information.

We will work with you.

We will always tell you what we’re doing.


Information that is not about you

We also get some info that isn’t personal when you use our website.

For example, we know some details about the device you use.


We can see how many pages someone looks at.

We can see whether someone uses a computer or a phone or tablet.

This helps us make our website better for everyone.

We do not get personal information like names.

Cookies and our Website



What is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny file a website puts on your computer when you visit.




What do cookies do?

Cookies help websites remember what you like.

They show us how people use our website, like which pages they look at.


Can I say no to cookies?

Yes, you can say no to cookies on our site.

But, some parts of our site might not work if you do.

These parts are things like signing up, logging in, or writing on our noticeboard.


About our videos

We have Youtube videos on our site.

If you watch them, Youtube puts cookies on your computer.

To learn about Youtube’s cookies, look at their privacy policy.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see how our website is used.

It uses cookies to see things like how many people visit our site, where they come from, and what they look at.

These cookies don’t know who you are.

You can learn more about Google’s rules by reading their Privacy Policy.

Want to block cookies?

You can stop cookies by changing your browser settings.

If you’re not sure how, the ‘Help’ part in your browser can tell you.

Or, visit for help with many browsers.

But, if you stop cookies, our website might not work the same way.

Your Rights


You have rights about your personal information.

With these rights, there are things you can do.

These are for anywhere that has your information, not just us.


  1. Know why we collect and use your information.
  2. See your information anytime. If you ask, we must show you your information within one month.
  3. Fix wrong information about you.
  4. Ask us to delete your information from our system.


  1. Ask us not to use your information.
  2. Get a copy of your information to use somewhere else.
  3. Say you don’t want somewhere to use your information in certain ways, like for ads.
  4. Say no to decisions made by computers without people.


It does not matter if you said yes to something before.

You can change your mind anytime.

Just let us know.

How to contact us

You can contact us if you:

  • Would like to see the information we have about you.
  • Would like us to change the way we contact you
  • Have any questions about how we use your information
  • Are worried about us using your information
  • Have any questions about this privacy notice.
  • Have any questions about information we have about you


You can contact:

Tracey Lazard
Tel: 0207 237 3181

In writing:
Inclusion London,
336 Brixton Road,
London SW9 7AA



If you’re worried about how we use your information, tell us.

We want to help.


If you’re still worried, you can complain to a group in the UK called the Information Commissioner.

You can tell them online at or call them at 0303 123 1113, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.


Sometimes we change this policy.

If we use your info in a new way, we will tell you on our website or contact you.


We last checked our policy on September 19th 2023.

On this day, we created an Easy Read version.

We also made it easier to understand how to remove your information.