We wrote about the Ultra Low Emission Zone before.

We wrote about it when the Mayor of London first told everyone his plans.


We thought lowering emissions was a good idea.

Emissions can make people sick.

Lower emissions would mean less people getting sick.

This would be good for many people.

Emissions are a type of pollution. This is when harmful things get into the air, water, or land. These are usually gases, smoke, or chemicals.

The ULEZ is a plan to cut air pollution. It is trying to cut harmful gases and smoke coming from cars and other vehicles.

But we were worried about many things in the plan.

We thought the plan needed to be better.

There was not enough help for Disabled people.

We asked the Mayor to plan more help for Disabled people.

You can read about all the things we asked for by clicking the link below.

What Inclusion London think about the ULEZ plans.

The Mayor listened to what people said.

He changed the plans to help more Disabled people.

The plans are better now. We are pleased about this.

Change 1: More Disabled people do not have to pay now

More Disabled people on some benefits do not have to pay the ULEZ now.

They will not have to pay the ULEZ until 2027.

Then the Mayor will think again about what to do.



The benefits are:

Any mobility rate on Personal Independent Payment (PIP)

Higher rate mobility on Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Higher rate mobility on Child Disability Payment.

War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement

Armed Forces Independence Payment.

Standard or Enhanced Adult Disability Payment.

Change 2: Making the scrappage scheme better

They are making the scrappage scheme better

This is a way for people to get money for their old car.

So they can buy a newer car.

Now, they will give more money to Disabled people who need adapted cars.

These are cars that are changed so a Disabled person can drive them or get in them.

Disabled people can have a nominated driver who can get money in the scrappage scheme.

This is important.

Not all Disabled people can drive themselves.

A nominated driver is someone who will do the driving for a Disabled person who cannot drive.

The Disabled person usually chooses who is their nominated driver.

What could be better.

We are pleased these plans are being made.

They will help many Disabled people in London.

But this will not help all Disabled Londoners.

We want all Disabled Londoners to get the help they need.

Some Disabled Londoners are okay to use public transport.

Other Disabled Londoners need to drive.

They will need a car that is okay by ULEZ rules.

We want all Disabled Londoners who need a car to be able to get one.

We want to work with the Mayor and Transport for London to do this.

Some Disabled people do not get PIP or other disability benefits.

But they still need help.

We are worried they will not get any help with these plans.

We want plans to be made to help these Disabled people.

Only some Disabled people with Blue Badges will get gelp with these plans.

We want all Disabled people with Blue Badges to get the help from these plans.

We hope the Mayor and Transport for London will do this.

The new scrappage scheme wil give people who need adapted cars more money.

It will give them £5,000 to buy an adapted car.

This is good for many people.

But some adapted cars cost £30,000!

£5,000 is  lot less than £30,000.

We hope there can be help that looks at what each person needs.

Some people will need less than £5,000. Some will need more.

That is better than the same thing for everyone.

We are happy to see more help for more Disabled Londoners.

We hope there is more help for all Disabled Londoners who need it.




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