Inclusion London are disappointed in the Chancellor’s September Mini-Budget.

The mini-budget did not have any extra help for Deaf and Disabled people.

This is not good enough.

The Chancellor is the person in Government who makes decisions about public money.

They decide how much tax is paid. They choose where the government’s money goes and how it is used.

Every year, they write a budget that explains where this money goes and how it will be used.

Disabled people are struggling a lot with the increases in food and energy costs.

Disabled people are having to decide if they can afford the things they need to live a good life.

Some people are turning off their heating, oxygen machines, and not charging mobility devices.

They have to do this to save money.

During Winter, people have to use more energy.

If they do not, they will be very cold or will not have warm food or clean clothes.

This would make them ill.

This will cost more money.

It will cost much more than last Winter.

Many Disabled people have no more money to spend. They do not know how they will cope.

In the Mini-Budget, the Chancellor and the Government  cut taxes for the people who earn the most money.

They also said they are going to be stricter about Universal Credit. More people might get sanctioned with these stricter rules.

This means they will get less money. Or their money might be stopped. These are punishments for breaking the rules.

This means they will give more help to people with more money.

And less help to people with less money.

They did not say how they would help Disabled people or the poorest people in the UK.

There has been some help promised for people already.

There will be £400 off of energy bills for everyone.

But some people’s energy bills have already gone up by a lot more than £400.


There is also an Energy Price Guarantee.

This says how much units of electricty and gas can cost at most.

But it is still higher than it was before. So energy bills will still be a lot more than last year.

The Chancellor could have made policies which would have helped Disabled people.

There are millions of Disabled people in the UK who this would have helped.

There are 300,000 Disabled people who used to get the Warm Home Discount.

Then the Government took this away.

The Chancellor could have changed it back and this would have helped many people.

The Chancellor could have also increased benefits.

He could have improved the Minimum Income Guarantee for those using social care.


But he didn’t. This means there is not enough help.

The Minimum Income Guarantee is how much money people must have to live on, after paying for care.

This is the least amount of money people can be left with.

Care charges must not take away so much money they leave people with less than this minimum.

We are unhappy that the Government has failed Disabled people again.

Many Disable people have no money for things they need like food and energy.

This is terrible.

The Government could stop this happening, but they haven’t.

The Government could still do things to help.

Inclusion London want to see the Government help Disabled people.

They need to talk to Disabled people and find out the help they need most.

Then they need to put things in place to make that happen.




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