Why General Elections are Important

It is imperative that we use general elections as a platform to demand that MPs and political parties listen to the demands of Deaf and Disabled people.

The image shows two individuals posing for a photo in front of a sign that reads "OPERATION DISABLED VOTE". Below this text is a statistic mentioning "1.4 million disabled in London," indicating a campaign or initiative to encourage voting among disabled individuals in London. The two individuals are smiling and one of them is wearing a sash, which suggests an event or promotion related to the campaign. The sign's bold, capitalized lettering is designed to catch the eye and emphasize the importance of the disabled vote, potentially as part of a larger effort to increase electoral participation within the disabled community.

Let’s make our voices heard

Join us in making a difference in the upcoming General Election.  This election is a crucial chance to shape the UK’s future, and as members of the Deaf and Disabled community, our voices are essential.

Let’s harness our unique perspectives to advocate for a more inclusive and accessible society. We must actively participate in this election, reaching out to candidates to ensure they understand and prioritise our needs and concerns. Your voice matters – let’s use it to drive change!

We can make our voices heard by participating in hustings, posing questions to candidates, and engaging in meaningful discussions. Voting is crucial, but our involvement goes beyond the ballot box. We must ensure that candidates understand our community’s issues and are committed to addressing them.

By uniting our efforts, we can place disability rights and inclusion at the heart of the political conversation. Every voice is significant, and our collective voice is formidable when we come together. Let’s use this opportunity to make a lasting impact in this General Election.

Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations have a crucial role to play

Informing, Registering, and Engaging

Our first step is to ensure that Deaf and Disabled people are well-informed about the upcoming elections. We can achieve this by ensuring people are registered to vote. And, by disseminating accurate information about voting procedures, voter id and the candidates and parties contesting the elections.

Equipping Deaf and Disabled people with the knowledge and tools to register and participate actively in the electoral voting process is paramount. We must encourage and support them in taking this crucial step towards shaping their future

Organising for Impact

Beyond individual engagement, we must unite our communities to bring about real change. Organising impactful hustings, where Deaf and Disabled people can directly engage with candidates and parties, is essential to amplify our voices and hold those seeking office accountable.

Meeting with candidates and parties to discuss our priorities and seek commitments to addressing our needs is another crucial step. We must make our voices heard through the media, ensuring that our concerns are at the forefront of public discourse.

The upcoming elections provide a crucial opportunity for Deaf and Disabled people to raise their voices, demand action, and shape a more inclusive and accessible future. By taking an active role in this electoral process, we can ensure that our needs and concerns are prioritized by policymakers.

Leveraging the Power of The Disabled People’s Manifesto

The Disabled People’s Manifesto  serves as a powerful tool for informing and mobilising our community. DDPOs play a vital role in disseminating and distributing this manifesto to our local communities and members.

By raising awareness about the issues that matter to Deaf and Disabled people, we can ensure that these concerns are given the attention they deserve and incorporated into the political agenda. Together, we can harness the power of The Disabled People’s Manifesto  to shape a more equitable and accessible society for all.