Why the Mayor and London Assembly Elections are Important

It is imperative that we use the upcoming Mayoral and London Assembly elections as a platform to demand that politicians and parties listen to our demands

The image shows two individuals posing for a photo in front of a sign that reads "OPERATION DISABLED VOTE". Below this text is a statistic mentioning "1.4 million disabled in London," indicating a campaign or initiative to encourage voting among disabled individuals in London. The two individuals are smiling and one of them is wearing a sash, which suggests an event or promotion related to the campaign. The sign's bold, capitalized lettering is designed to catch the eye and emphasize the importance of the disabled vote, potentially as part of a larger effort to increase electoral participation within the disabled community.

Let’s Make Our Voices Heard

The upcoming Mayoral and London Assembly elections are a crucial chance for us to shape a more inclusive and accessible future for our city. Our unique perspectives and experiences are essential in achieving this goal. We must actively participate in the electoral process by contacting candidates and ensuring they understand and prioritise our needs and concerns. The election presents an excellent opportunity for Deaf and Disabled people to interact with political parties, candidates, media, and the general public to highlight the issues that matter to us. It also offers a chance to gain support for policies that will help advance our cause.

Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations have a crucial role to play

Informing, Registering, and Engaging

Our first step is to ensure that Deaf and Disabled people are well-informed about the upcoming elections. We can achieve this by ensuring people are registered to vote. And by disseminating accurate information about voting procedures, voter id and the candidates and parties contesting the elections.

Organising for Impact

Real change requires collective effort. Beyond just individual engagement, it is crucial to unite our communities towards a common goal. Together, we can make a difference. A crucial step is to organise impactful hustings where Deaf and Disabled people can directly engage with and question candidates and parties. This is essential to amplify our voices.

Click on the link to find out how to organise an Election Hustings

Leveraging the Power of our Manifesto – Six Steps to an Equal and Inclusive London

Our Manifesto is a powerful tool for informing and mobilising our community. DDPOs can play a vital role in sharing and distributing it. By raising awareness about issues important to Deaf and Disabled people, we can ensure our inclusion in the political agenda.