Our response to MOPAC’s hate crime reduction draft strategy

Inclusion London has responded to the consultation on Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime’s (MOPAC) hate crime reduction draft strategy.

In our response we highlighted that adequate funding as well as a commitment from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is needed to ensure that the hate crime prevention strategy is successful.

We strongly agreed with the proposal under Objective 3 to develop ‘a multi-agency training package for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Court Services, and by developing Police Officers and prosecutors with specialist skills in dealing with hate crime’. We recommended that the training for police officers ensures that:

  • all reports of hate crimes are respected by police and appropriately recorded;
    victims are effectively supported by the police from the moment a hate crime is reported and through the prosecution of the case in court;
  • the investigation of hate crimes improves so the number of successful prosecution increases;
  • front line police officers with specialist skills in dealing with hate crime are developed in each borough;
  • a hate crime reduction training module for all student police officers is put in place.

We recommended that Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations and other ‘protected’[1] groups are involved in designing and delivering the training.

Other recommendations are contained in the full response which is available to download below:

[1] http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/private-and-public-sector-guidance/guidance-all/protected-characteristics


Download the response:

Inclusion London response MOPAC Draft hate crime reduction strategy 2014