About our sector

Find out more about the huge contribution London’s Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations make to the capital

Inclusion London support 90 Deaf and Disabled Organisations in London... who provide services to over 70,000 Deaf and Disabled Londoners... and have a combined annual turnover of over £25 million.

Inclusion London supports over 90 Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) and groups in London. We have detailed data on 78 of these DDPOs who in turn work with and support over 70,000 Deaf/Disabled Londoners.


These 78 DDPOs had a total estimated turnover of £25,872,270 for the year ended 2014.

15 have no income at all, but amongst the other 63 organisations the average income is £417,000.

14% of organisations have an income between £500,000 and £1 million, with a further 6% having income over £1 million.


London’s DDPOs employed at least 430 full time equivalent (FTE) staff this year, of whom 46% were Disabled.

Board Representation

For the organisations we have details of Board representation:

  • 35 DDPOs (45%) have Boards where Deaf and Disabled People make up at least 75% of Board membership
  • 16 DDPOs (21%) have Boards where Deaf and Disabled People make up between 30% and 75% of Board membership

Service users

Our 78 DDPOs provide services to an estimate

  • 79,000 people a year
  • 73,000 of these are Disabled/Deaf people. The remainder are carers

Services and support DDPOs provide:

  • 50 (64%) provide advice and advocacy services
  • 51 (65%) carry out campaigning, research and representation work
  • 13 (17%) provide personal assistance services
  • 8 (10%) provide health and care services
  • 25 (32%) provide self directed support, admin and brokerage services
  • 42 (53%) run sport, social and cultural activities
  • 52 (66%) provide training, volunteering and employment support services