Hate Crime Training Resources for frontline staff in public services

Access our disability hate crime training resources, including in-person and online training manuals, case studies, and films, developed through a co-production model with disabled trainers. Our training materials cover topics such as housing, schools, transport, and Deaf organizations and are designed to be delivered by disabled trainers.

Different elements, all representing freedom and equality, are put together to make a fist being held up.


This project produced training manuals, for online and in person training, including case studies and ‘I believe’ statement films, to improve understanding within non-Deaf & Disabled People Organisation frontline services of hate crime issues and encourage staff to become allies with Disabled people. The training is designed to be delivered by Disabled trainers. The training has been developed using a coproduction model with 6 Deaf & Disabled People Organisation representatives, some of them Disabled people with different impairments. The working group decided to focus case studies and films used on housing, schools, transport and Deaf organisations. For example, the housing training materials are ideal to use with different levels of staff working for housing services, housing associations and local councils.

We also have presentations from business and marketing sessions that focus on how to use the training materials within your DDPO.


Who are they for?

All the materials included in this project are available for DDPOs who want to use them in their local areas. They can be adapted as needed depending on the audience for the training sessions.

The materials can form part of a funding bid to provide training or as an income generator to provide frontline services with bespoke training for their staff. DDPOs can contact Inclusion London for business support to support the development of this work.


List of materials available

Due to the pandemic, we created online as well as in person versions of the training manuals. Below is the full list of materials available:

  • In person training manual
  • Online training manual
  • Easy Read versions
  • Template for online presentations
  • Participant packs
  • Films
  • Marketing presentation
  • Business modelling presentation


How can I access them?

We encourage all DDPOs interested in using these materials and/or getting one to one business support to contact our general email address, which is info@inclusionlondon.org.uk


Image created and credited to Hust Wilson