Pan London Mobility Forum

The Pan London Mobility Forum is run by Transport for All. It offers a unique arena for discussion and debate on London-wide accessible transport issues.

About the Pan London Mobility Forum

Organised as part of the Power Up project, the forum brings together representatives of Disabled and older people’s organisations and mobility forums from every borough of London. Together we question senior transport managers, engineers and commissioners on issues such as bus design and so on.

The forum also has a ‘borough round-up’ session where representatives report back on the accessible transport issues that they face in their boroughs.  The Pan London Mobility Forum also has regular updates on Transport for All‘s campaigns and lobbying initiatives.

Eligibility to join

You must be a representative of a Disabled or older persons’ organisation, mobility forum member or community transport provider in London. Places are very limited! We therefore restrict registration to one person per organisation. We always hope to see all boroughs of London represented during this event.

Interested in joining?

Please visit Transport for All’s Pan London Mobility Forum page for more details, including booking information for the next Pan London Mobility Forum event.