1-Consultation on the role of communications support workers in supporting Deaf/deaf people

Inclusion London’s response


Under qualified CSWs should not be used in education settings, because CSW with low level qualifications and low quality English language skills can impede the Deaf pupil’s/student’s progress and lower the employment opportunities in the future. We recommend that only MRSLIs are used in education settings.  If CSW’s are used they should have reached a Level 6 qualification.  It is important that government funds the appropriate level of support for Deaf pupils/student because under qualified support reduces the employment opportunities for Deaf people, which will cost the state more in the long run.


Only MRSLIs should be used in medical settings.  If CSWs are used they must have obtained a Level 6 standard, otherwise the health of the Deaf person’s health could be adversely impacted.


Likewise we also recommend that only MRSLIs are employed in the public sector.  If CSW’s are used there should be a national minimum standard of Level 6.  Preferably this should also apply to the private sector to ensure there is a consistent standard across all services.


Compulsory state registration for CSWs is also needed so there is a clear system to identify what a person’s skills and/or level of training they have.

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Inclusion London’s evidence role of Communication Support Workers