Limited Capability for Work Training – Free for London DDPOs

4th and 5th August. Two half days.
Delivered by: the Benefits Training Company on behalf of Disability Rights UK (DRUK)

Date: Thursday 4th August and Friday 5th August – via Zoom
Time: 09.45 – 12.45 on each day

You must attend both sessions

This training is offered by DRUK and delivered on their behalf by the Benefits Training Company

Who is the Course for?

Advisers working with working age Disabled people and/or those with a health condition. No previous experience is required although a working knowledge of the wider benefits system is helpful.

The training will cover:

  • Overview and eligibility / The assessment process
  • The medical assessment and DWP decision / The mandatory reconsideration letter

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Know who can claim ESA and/or UC because they are currently unable to work
  • Understand how benefit is paid pending the Work Capability Assessment
  • Understand the Work Capability Assessment criteria
  • Be able to help claimants fill out the UC50/ESA50 form effectively; on behalf of a claimant
  • Be able to help claimants who have difficulty attending the medical
  • Have an awareness of the questions that are likely to be asked at the medical assessment
  • Understand the mandatory reconsideration and appeals process and how to help claimants who are without other income
  • Know how to check for inconsistencies in the evidence used by the DWP to make the decision
  • Know when and how to request further medical evidence in support of a claimant
  • Have examined an example of a well written MR letter to consider best practice.

Please book directly with DRUK by clicking on the following link: Limited Capability for Work Training 4th and 5th August

If you have access or communication requriements please let DRUK know when you book.