Charging for social care in the community: know your rights webinar

This meeting will help you understand your rights around social care charging.

Date: Thursday 29 April 2021.  Time: 3-5pm

Via Zoom, register to take part here:

This webinar will be delivered by:

  • Jenny Hurst, Independent Living Coordinator at Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea
  • Svetlana Kotova, Director of Campaigns and Justice at Inclusion London

About the webinar

At this webinar we will

  • Give a basic overview of the law and what it says about charging and financial assessments,
  • Look at how financial assessments should be carried out, including rules about capital and income,
  • Discuss Disability related expenditure (DRE), what can be included, how to argue for items to be included as DRE,
  • Give information and tips on how to check and challenge financial assessments.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is open to all DDPO staff and volunteers and also individual Disabled people interested in the issues.

How to book a place

Via Zoom, register to take part here:


BSL interpreter and stream text will be provided.