Feedback on Power Up

What attendees are saying about Power Up training and events…

  • “Inclusion London’s Added Value Toolkit has proved to be invaluable.”
  • “The training course was fantastic. I have never been so alert and focused during the training course because of the excellent delivery method….I would gladly attend again.”
  • “It is hard work but it has proved very useful – I strongly recommend it. I have a better knowledge of what goes into a project – both direct and indirect costs, including volunteers’ time. The social value element of the training will help me in future fundraising to highlight the added value offered by disabled people’s organisations.”
  • “The CEO Network is an invaluable resource for leaders of DPOs… I leave the Network feeling energised and ready to deal with the many challenges that come my way!”
  • “It is a useful and flexible tool to demonstrate value for funding applications and also as a tool to monitor and evaluate your service delivery.”
  • “Always feels worthwhile taking the time to attend the CEO Network. We get tangible actions to take away & accessible info.”
  • “Given the very difficult times for social justice, it is fantastic that there is a forum whereby disabled people can give lawyers the education and insights that are so badly needed in order to understand the reality of the challenges they face.”
  • “I enjoyed the Effective Management Training – the day flew by. It has given me confidence, new ideas and methods that I will put into practice. I would recommend the course to others.”