Disability Hate Crime Partnership

With Disability Hate Crime on the rise, Inclusion London is offering support to DDPOs

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The London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership is funded for 5 years by the National Lottery Community Fund, Three Guineas Trust and Trust for London, and has established a Pan-London partnership between Deaf & Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPO).

We have the support of Anne Novis who was awarded an MBE for her tireless campaigning to get Hate Crime against Disabled people recognised and responded to appropriately. Anne is currently the Chair of Inclusion London and is an independent advisor to the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service.

Currently  there is Tell Mama for Islamophobic related hate crime; GALOP for LGBT+ community and CST for the Jewish community. We are establishing this partnership as the voice for Disabled people in London, campaigning for parity in the law and raising awareness of Hate Crime against Disabled people.

We represent Disabled people at over 20 key meetings a year, helping to influence policy makers. We work closely with the CATCH Partnership (Community Alliance to Combat Hate), led by Galop, who provide support across all hate crime strands and whose membership includes many DDPOs from our own partnership.

DDPOs involved in our partnership offer different levels of Hate Crime (HC) support including HC Advocacy, Peer Advocacy and Support, Awareness raising and Third-Party Reporting Centres.

This partnership provides capacity building to strengthen the network of support and strategic policy and campaigning work so that no Disabled person needs to suffer alone if they experience Hate Crime.

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This partnership currently includes 19 DDPOs together with three key DDPOs (Inclusion London, Merton Centre for Independent Living and Stay Safe East) and Advocate Specialist Kate Mercer. We are working together to provide training, specialist casework support for HC advocates, secondments to develop HC support within DDPOs, and to develop resources including a Hate Crime Toolkit. We are also working with four DDPOs to design training modules and films as a resource for DDPOs to use in their local areas. We have strong connections with National Hate Crime Awareness Week and support DDPOs during October to raise awareness of Hate Crime locally. All this work is being monitored and evaluated by Merton CIL.

There are also other opportunities to be involved, working collaboratively with Inclusion London, via regular partnership meetings and one-to-one support.

By joining the partnership we will keep you up-to-date with future developments.

Further information

For more information about the Project, please contact

Louise Holden, Inclusion London Disability Hate Crime Partnership Project Manager


For Campaigns & Policy, please contact

Svetlana Kotova, Director of Policy,Campaigns & Justice


Useful resources

One in five Disabled people report they have either experienced hostile or threatening behaviour or even been attacked.