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15 May 2019

Topic: Creative Use of the Equality Act 2010

At this meeting we discussed how the Equality Act 2010 can be used to challenge discrimination in housing, during assessments for benefits and in other public functions.

Materials from the meeting:

13 February 2019

Topic: Direct Payments

At this meeting we discussed some of the most common problems with Direct Payments (DP) and the ways to deal with those payments.

We considered what local authorities can and cannot legally do to restrict the use of direct payments, cut the amounts of DP or claw back the money that has not been spent.

  1. Steve Broach’s presentation – Direct Payments legal framework and opportunities for legal challenges
  2. Jenny Hurst’s presentation – common problems experienced by Direct Payment users in Kensington & Chelsea
  3. Steve Broach’s Advice to Inclusion London on Direct Payments
  4. Video recording from the meeting: to follow

24 May 2018

Topic: The law on commissioning and how we can use it to protect services delivered by DDPOs

At this meeting we discussed how DDPOs and Disabled people can use the law to influence the commissioning process and the existing mechanisms the commissioners can use to protect services delivered by Disabled people for Disabled people.

  1. Briefing about commissioning for DDPOs
  2. Presentation by Azeem Suterwalla, Monckton Chambers
  3. A Public Law Project toolkit: Commissioning: Understanding and using the law for smaller organisations
  4. Azeem Suterwalla’s advice note on the use of procurement legislation for the benefit of Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations
  5. Video recordings from the meeting:

24 January 2018