‘With Us’ Project launch

‘With Us’ is an exciting new project funded by the GLA Roots Fund

‘With Us’ is an exciting new project funded by the GLA Roots Fund. In the wake of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, the project aims to develop and strengthen the capacity and ability of Inclusion London and London-based DDPOs to challenge multiple marginalised Deaf and Disabled people’s systematic exclusion from the wider disability movement and deal with the barriers to meaningful inclusion.

The project will also support DDPOs to  challenge their exclusion from policy and decision making at a local, regional and national level by building our sector’s understanding, working knowledge and confidence in the areas of co-production, the social model of Disability, cultural model of Deafness and intersectionality. Whilst also ongoingly applying and developing these principles in our own working processes. 

A key aim of the project will be to enable DDPOs to understand and practically address issues of structural inequality, underrepresentation and lack of equality, leadership, mentorship and engagement with intersectional communities. like the black Disabled community, within their own organisations and wider DDPO sector and Deaf / Disabled communities.

We are going to do this work by developing and co-producing inclusive and intersectional resources and training on the social model of Disability and Cultural model of Deafness, co-production and intersectionality. Resources which will incorporate the diverse perspectives and lived experience of the Deaf and Disabled community.

Key to this project will also be the creation of peer (and for time being on-line) networks where we can explore, in a safe non-judgemental supportive space, intersectional experiences and provide mutual support. 

We will be starting this work with a call out for Disabled and Deaf people with lived experience of multiple oppressions to join a peer round table discussion, where we will explore the range of intersectional issues this project should address and the support we could provide to Deaf and Disabled people with intersectional experience. 

We will also be sharing more information about a longer-term paid intersectional advisory group that we will be setting up to help shape the issues we focus on and look at practical strategies for embedding intersectionality within the DDPO sector.

So, if you are a Deaf or Disabled person with lived experience of multiple oppressions and are interested in getting involved in the first roundtable discussion to find out more about the With Us project and meet other Deaf and Disabled people experiencing intersectional exclusion then please contact Priscilla at priscilla.eyles@inclusionlondon.org.uk

We plan to hold the first round table event in late October and will be announcing the date and time on social media in next few weeks, so watch out for further details.