Hate Crime Training, meetings & Events

For DDPOs interested in or doing anti-hate crime work

You do not have to be currently providing anti-hate crime projects or support to benefit from the training, meetings and events here. We have found that all DDPO staff, trustees and volunteers can improve the response to hate crime against Disabled people by learning to identify and respond to Disabled victims when accessing another non-hate crime service for help with the consequences of hate crime.

Free online Anti-Hate Crime Training for DDPOs

This online training series is free to all DDPO staff and volunteers.

As a London DDPO, you do not have to run a dedicated Hate Crime Service to encounter potential hate crime cases. A Disabled person may not contact you and directly ask for help with a hate crime issue. In fact, it is common for a Disabled person to not recognise what they are experiencing as a hate crime and instead access services to address the consequences, rather than the cause of the hate crime.

Link to training page – https://www.inclusionlondon.org.uk/training-and-support/powerup/

Training & Film Resources for public services frontline staff

This project aims to improve understanding within non-Deaf & Disabled People Organisation frontline services of hate crime issues and encourage staff to become allies with Disabled people through training materials with films, delivered by Disabled trainers. The training has been developed using a coproduction model with 6 Deaf & Disabled People Organisation representatives, some of them Disabled people with different impairments.

Hate Crime Partnership meetings

Each meeting includes updates on Hate Crime Projects, Updates from Partners, Networking & Learning opportunities, Agreeing Key areas of work for Partnership.

To put items onto the agenda, please email louise.holden@inclusionlondon.org.uk

Agenda will be sent to attendees a week before the meeting.

Who is the meeting for

These meetings are for CEOs and Managers of all DDPOs who are interested in hate crime prevention and supporting survivors of Hate Crime against Disabled People.

Annual Big Learning Events

Our Big Learning Events are an opportunity to showcase what the London DDPO HC Partnership has been doing over the year with guest speakers, workshops and performances.

These events are open to the public, Disabled people, DDPOs, commissioners and stakeholders.

Our last Big Learning Event took place on 22 March 2022. Details of the event, and copies of presentations and documents that were shared can be found on this link:
Big Learning Event: Hidden Hate 22 March 2022

If you are interested in finding out more about the London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership training, meetings and events, please contact louise.holden@inclusionlondon.org.uk or visit https://www.inclusionlondon.org.uk/hate-crime-partnership-project/about-the-partnership/about-the-partnership/