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With Disability Hate Crime on the rise, Inclusion London is offering support to DDPOs

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The London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership is funded for 5 years from 2018 by the National Lottery Community Fund and Three Guineas Trust (and Trust for London between 2018 to 2020). It is the only Pan-London partnership between Deaf & Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPO) working to combat hate crime against Disabled people in London. This is the only partnership of it’s kind in the UK. Currently, there is no UK wide partnership of DDPOs combating hate crime against Disabled people.

We represent DDPOs at over 20 key meetings a year, to influence policy and decision makers. We work closely with the wider MOPAC HC Partnership (currently Community Alliance to Combat Hate or CATCH) via Stay Safe East, led by Galop, who provide support across all hate crime strands and whose membership includes DDPOs from this partnership.

DDPOs involved in this partnership offer different levels of Hate Crime (HC) support including HC Advocacy, Peer Advocacy and Support, Awareness raising and Third-Party Reporting Centres. As a DDPO, you do not need to be funded specifically for hate crime services to join.

As the lead organisation of this partnership, Inclusion London provides capacity building to strengthen the network of support, hate crime data and insights and strategic policy and campaigning work so that no Disabled person needs to suffer alone if they experience Hate Crime.

Since March 2021, this partnership has a Hate Crime Data & Insight Officer at Inclusion London leading on the Hate Crime DDPO Data Collation Project, which works with key DDPO members of this partnership, based across London to provide qualitative and quantitative data on the work of DDPOs, specifically looking at the reasons for the disparity between official reports to the Metropolitan Police and the work provided to victims of hate crime by DDPOs. 

Our HC Data & Insight Officer works for the partnership to collect data and insights across multiple sources, to uncover hidden hate crime; in the media, safeguarding adults and anti-social behaviour reports.

This partnership currently includes 25 DDPOs together with three key DDPOs (Inclusion London, Merton Centre for Independent Living and Stay Safe East) and Advocate Specialist Kate Mercer. We are working together to provide bespoke training, specialist support for HC advocates, secondments to develop HC support within DDPOs, and HC resources including a Hate Crime Advocate Toolkit and Disability Hate Crime Monitoring and Evaluation Handbook. We are working with six DDPOs to design a training module and films resource for DDPOs to use in their local areas. We have strong connections with National Hate Crime Awareness Week and support DDPOs during October to raise awareness of Hate Crime locally. 

Get involved

There are opportunities to be involved, working collaboratively with Inclusion London, via regular partnership meetings and one-to-one support.

By joining the partnership we will keep you up-to-date with future developments.

Further information

For more information about the Project, please contact:

Louise Holden, Inclusion London Disability Hate Crime Partnership Project Manager


For Campaigns & Policy, please contact:

Svetlana Kotova, Director of Policy,Campaigns & Justice


For HC Data & Insight Project, please contact:


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One in five Disabled people report they have either experienced hostile or threatening behaviour or even been attacked.