Resources to support PIP claims

Resources for DDPO Advice workers working with PIP claims

We have collected together various resources which may help when you’re advising around PIP, whether first claims or challenging decisions. We have also included some links to support with other benefits.

Some of you will be using this information already, but others have asked for links to resources at the Peer Network Meetings etc.

If you have other information/resources that you find particularly useful, please share them so we can publicise them more widely. Please send information to Liz Mercer, Associate Business Consultant, Inclusion London,


Rightsnet have produced the following really useful web resources:

pipinfo: an adviser guide to personal independence payment regulations & case law

wcainfo: A similar guide to work capability assessment tools.

And a Universal Credit widget which is a quick reference guide to UC regulations, guidance and case law: Get the widget – universalcredit info

Citizens Advice have some useful information on their webpages around getting evidence to support a PIP claim:

Getting evidence to support your PIP claim – Citizens Advice 

They also include a template diary people can download so people can record how their condition affects them: pip-diary.pdf (

Citiizens Advice PIP claims support


AdviceNow have a very useful guide too on how to win a PIP appeal

How to win a PIP appeal | Advicenow