LawWorks and Law for Life free training and resources

Free legal training, guides and tools for advisers

FREE resources available from LawWorks and Law for Life – these include FREE training courses for advisers and FREE Guides and Tools to assist you in your work.


LawWorks (Solicitors Pro Bono Group) is a charity working to enable access to justice through connecting people to free legal advice.

They have currently made their FREE training open access, meaning anyone who may benefit is welcome to access live remote training or recordings without having to be a LawWorks member. The training varies from substantive training from specialists in areas of housing, family, employment, welfare benefits etc., to practical training around data protection.

You can find the range of training available at

Law for Life

Law for Life is a charity dedicated to ensuring that people have the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to secure access to justice.

They also provide a range of seminars on Public Legal Education and working with specific community groups. Their website of resources, Advicenow is also worth highlighting, offering very thorough guides and tools for advisers, litigants in person and friends and family supporting them. The guides for example include ‘How to win a PIP appeal’, a ‘Survival Guide to Benefit Sanctions’ and ‘Win an appeal about your WCA’ – all look very useful!