Housing and Disability in London survey

A survey for Deaf and Disabled Londoner’s to share their housing experiences

Colour drawing of a house with international disability symbols

Calling all Deaf and Disabled Londoners!


Do you live in a home that meets your needs? Is your home affordable?

Our survey aims to understand the diverse housing conditions of Deaf and Disabled Londoners, as part of our research into accessible and affordable housing in London.

Complete our 10-minute, anonymised survey. Also available in Easy Read and BSL.

Closing date for survey: Monday 4 December

Once you have completed the survey, there is also the opportunity to take part in a case study interview with us. We’re able to offer compensation of £25 to those wishing to share their story with us.

Link to the survey (including BSL):

Housing and Disability London survey (including BSL)

Easy Read survey:

Housing and Disability London survey – Easy Read

Disabled Asian woman looking at easy read information
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