Information for Deaf people on support at interviews and more

Information for Deaf people provided by DeafAtW (DeafAccesstoWork)

Below is information for Deaf people provided by DeafAtW (DeafAccesstoWork).  For more information about any of the articles below please contact DeafAtW at:

Communication Support at Interview (CSI).

The UKCoD Employment Group has had feedback that CSI was not being arranged quickly enough for people’s interviews, and that different advisers were saying different things about how people should apply for CSI.

DeafATW has checked with ATW what should be happening, and now has a page that explains:

  • How to apply for CSI (don’t apply online).
  • What information you need to have ready before you apply.
  • What ATW should do when you apply (they should reply within 48 hours).
  • And what happens after your interview.

Click here to go to the CSI page (in English at the moment, BSL to follow soon).

Guide to Applying for ATW (useful also for reviews).

BATOD asked DeafATW to write an article and guide for deaf school leavers about what is AtW, what AtW can pay for, and how to apply to AtW.

This guide is written for deaf school leavers, so talks about some things relevant to them, e.g. thinking about future work.

But it also contains information useful for any deaf people applying for ATW, and providing evidence for an ATW review / renewal.

Download the “What is ATW?” article here.

Download the “How to Apply for ATW” guide here.  This takes you step by step through the AtW online application process, but also talks about the things you may want to ask for or explain AtW online or in the paper application in an application or review, and how to avoid common mistakes.

If you see that the online process has changed, please let me know, so that I can update this resource.

These resources are only available in English, please let me know if you need this information in BSL.

Workplace Assessments.

When applying for ATW, some deaf people have been told that they need to have a Workplace Assessment (WA).

A WA is when someone comes to your workplace to make recommendations about the communication support you need.  Many deaf people said this was a waste of time, because Workplace Assessors (WAs) told them that they were only allowed to recommend equipment, not communication support.

We have checked this with ATW.

ATW have said that this is not right, and WAs can recommend Communication Support, but they can’t say how many hours support is needed.

If you or anyone you know has a Workplace Assessment, and the WA says they they can’t recommend that you need communication support / an interpreter, etc. please contact DeafATW, let us know the WAs name, and we will feed this back to ATW so they can update them with the correct rules.


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