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The British Transport Police Independent Advisory Group are looking for new members

Are you interested in joining the British Transport Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG)?

The IAG was set up in 1999 after the recommendations of the Macpherson Inquiry after the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

The primary role of Advisory Group members is to provide independent advice.

They are not intended to carry out monitoring and scrutiny, nor be a pressure group. The IAG’s primary role is to act as a “Critical Friend” on issues in relation to policy, procedure and practice and where necessary to constructively challenge the British Transport Police (BTP).
A purposeful relationship between the BTP and IAGs, will almost certainly increase public trust and confidence, particularly amongst minority and seldom heard communities.

A particular focus of the IAG is to ensure that in line with our Equality & Diversity Gold Strategy, BTP do not exclude, discriminate, or have an unjustifiable adverse impact on any part of the diverse community we serve. To ensure the continued valued commitment of IAG members, where independent advice has been sought, feedback will be provided to members on how the advice was used, or a rationale as to why it has not been followed, adopted or implemented.
The following list provides examples of the work that IAGs could undertake; however the list is not exhaustive and at the discretion of BTP, the advisory groups maybe called on to assist in other areas.

1. Inform BTP decision-making process.
2. Provide guidance and support to the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA).
3. Provide non investigative Critical Incident advice to senior BTP officers.
4. Provide advice to officers in respect of operations, events and incidents in accordance with community concerns and responses.
5. Provide advice with community tension and recommend reassurance tactics.
6. Extend and enhance communication and consultation with the community.
7. Provide reassurance and confidence in BTP policing policies, to members of all communities and individuals who may be defined by common protected characteristics.
8. Discuss issues within a framework of confidentiality.
9. To encourage just and fair relations between the police and the communities, as well as improving inter community relations.
10. To make significant contributions to both strategic and tactical considerations.
11. Provide advice on cultural and other issues, specifically relevant to the community involved.

Also there is the opportunity to work alongside officers at Days of Action or Events.
If you are interested in joining the group or would like more information please contact Tania Hammond

email: Telephone: 0207 918 3482


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