Fine Lines Art Workshops for Victims of Violent Crimes

Peer support group sessions in Harrow for survivors & victims of violent crime, families welcome

Get Creative and Express yourself

The Fine Lines Art workshops are free group guided fineliner and watercolour workshops to support trauma recovery.

The workshops are for individuals and families of all abilities who have been affected by serious violent crime. Groups will be of 20 to 24 people. Art kits and refreshments are provided

Workshops take place from 10am to 2pm, on the following dates

Saturday 26th June 2021
Saturday 31st July 2021
Saturday 28th August 2021
Saturday 25th September 2021
Saturday 30th October 2021
Saturday 27th November 2021
Saturday 18th December 2021
Saturday 29th January 2022
Saturday 26th February 2022
Saturday 26th March 2022

Email to reserve a space or for more information

About the workshops

The Workshop will be a safe space, created to support and empower survivors of crime whilst helping survivors understand trauma and strategies to aid trauma recovery. It provides an opportunity to engage in open and honest discussions (should you wish to), while learning simple art techniques. The Josh Hanson Trust’s Fine Lines Art Workshop, aims to promote awareness, wellbeing, and education, addressing the challenges in and around trauma and trauma recovery.

The aim
We aim to equip survivors of crime with the tools to cope with and recover from life-changing events that have impacted their lives. We want to normalise responses to trauma and to let people know how they are feeling is okay. Art is a technique which allows non-verbal self-expression and provides a sense of control that individuals may feel they are missing in their everyday lives. In addition to education around trauma, our workshop will activate the reward centre in our brain’s by using simple art techniques to enhance resilience, communication and confidence. The session does not aim to therapise; however, it offers an escape for relaxation and focus. Artmaking can help us imagine a more hopeful future by allowing us to navigate problems that may arise through the ability to make decisions.

The workshop aims to achieve the following outcomes:
• Overcome barriers that prevent self-expression
• Understand trauma and recognise ways to cope with trauma
• Identify strategies to manage thoughts and feelings
• Develop intrapersonal skills (increase confidence, resilience and self-esteem)

What to expect
The workshop will be delivered by an expert by experience, accompanied by a session supervisor and an on-hand art therapist. The workshop is not designed to therapise, however the art therapist will be present for attendees to verbalise any feelings or emotions brought about in the workshop should they need therapeutic support.

Each person that attends the workshop will receive a free art kit containing a variety of materials to use throughout the session and in their own time. A video art tutorial will be delivered for part of the session by an artist commissioned by The Josh Hanson Trust which attendees will have ongoing access too. Teas, coffees and lunch will be provided.

Please see a timetable for the workshop below:
10am – 10:45am – Hello and Welcome
10:45am – 11am – Tea and Coffee Break
11am – 11:30am – Understanding Trauma
11:30am – 12pm – Trauma Recovery – Art and Expression
12pm – 12:30pm – Lunch
12:30pm – 1:45pm – Art Tutorial
1:45pm – 2pm – Goodbyes and Takeaways


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