Have your say on Transport for London’s proposal to expand ULEZ London-wide

The proposal to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) daily charge of £12.50 on cars that do not meet ULEZ emission standards in outer London could disproportionately impact many Disabled Londoners

Ultra Low Emission Zone sign and details of Inclusion London's DDPO meeting about ULEZ in Greater London: 2.30pm 27th June

On Friday 20th May 2022 the Mayor of London and Transport for London launched a public consultation on the proposal of expanding the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) London-wide from 29 August 2023, to make London a greener, healthier and less congested city.

What is the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone?

The ULEZ is part of the Mayor’s Clean Air Action Plan which aims to reduce air pollution in London. The ULEZ sets minimum emissions standards for “light” vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles and vans: drivers of vehicles that don’t comply must pay a £12.50 daily charge to drive within the Zone unless an exemption or discount applies.

The ULEZ applies 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Check if your car meets the standards to drive within the ULEZ for free by clicking here: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/check-your-vehicle

What is TFL proposing?

At the moment the ULEZ covers all the roads inside the North Circular Road and South Circular Road. The Mayor and Tfl are currently proposing to:

Make the ULEZ bigger so that it covers all of London in 2023.

If ULEZ was made bigger, it would:

  • cover most of Greater London;
  • cost drivers of high polluting vehicles £12.50 per day to drive in the ULEZ.
  • Disabled Londoners who have a car that is registered with the DVLA as having a ‘disabled tax class or a disabled passenger vehicle tax class would not have to pay the ULEZ charge until October 2027. However, if you hold a Blue Badge and your car does not qualify for this vehicle tax exemption, you would need to pay the ULEZ charge every time you drive in London.
  • Increase the fines for drivers who do not pay the ULEZ charge and Congestion Charge.

TfL is suggesting that the penalty charge for non-payment of the ULEZ charge or Congestion Charge goes up from £160 to £180.

Make it free to sign up for Auto Pay every year.

Currently drivers have to pay £10 to sign up for Auto Pay every year. TfL would end the £10 fee for setting up Auto Pay. Once Auto Pay is set up for a vehicle the owner is charged automatically for all fees: the Congestion Charge, the Ultra-Low Emission Zones and the Low Emission Zones.

TfL is also looking into road user charging over the next few years. New technology could be used to integrate existing schemes such as the Congestion Charge, LEZ and ULEZ into a smarter, simpler and fair scheme that would charge motorists on a per mile basis. This scheme would mean that there would be only one charge for all drivers on London Roads.

Why is this consultation important?

Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations are worried that the expansion of ULEZ to Greater London will have a devastating impact on Disabled people who rely on their own cars to go to work and hospital appointments and will compound the existing cost-of-living crisis for many of us. We believe that levying a daily charge of £12.50 on cars that do not meet ULEZ emission standards threatens to cause real financial hardship to many Disabled Londoners who already live in poverty and experience significant socio-economic deprivation.

  • In London 1 in 3 families with a Disabled adult are living in poverty, compared to 1 in 4 families without a disabled adult.
  • A Disabled person spends an average of £583 per month more than a non-disabled person to achieve the same standard of living.
  • With the costs of food and energy rising exponentially, we predict Disabled Londoners will be worst hit by this proposal.
  • Many Disabled people regularly drive in London because public transport is not fully accessible. Also, alternative transport services such as Dial a Ride and Taxicard are not substitute for private cars as they are only meant to be used for social purposes.
  • Current exemptions granted to owners of vehicles registered with the DVLA with a ‘disabled’ or disabled passenger vehicle tax class exclude a large proportion of people with significant mobility impairments who do not qualify for a vehicle tax exemption. This is because eligibility criteria are very strict.
  • The car scrappage scheme is insufficient to support Disabled people to scrap or retrofit their non-compliant car as vehicle-specific adaptations post manufacture many Disabled people need are very expensive. The cost of vehicle replacement for Disabled people is disproportionately higher than for other car users, meaning it is not financially viable for us to do so.

What are we calling for?

We are calling on the Mayor and Transport for London to exempt from the ULEZ daily charge all Blue Badge Holders who are already exempted from the London Congestion Charge. You can find out more about Inclusion London’s calls in our briefing paper. Download the briefing on the following links:

PDF format: Inclusion London briefing – The proposed expansion of ULEZ to Greater London
Word format: Inclusion London briefing – The proposed expansion of ULEZ to Greater London
Easy Read, Word Format: Easy Read. Inclusion London Briefing: The Ultra Low Emissions Zone Expansion
Easy Read, PDF Format: Easy Read. Inclusion London Briefing: The Ultra Low Emissions Zone Expansion

Have your say on the consultation

You can respond to the consultation by completing Tfl’s survey here: https://haveyoursay.tfl.gov.uk/cleanair/survey_tools/cleanair-survey

Alternatively, you can complete the Easy Read survey. Click here to download the Easy Read survey

If you do not want to complete the Easy Read survey, you can also call 0343 222 1155.

You could also email your comments to: cleanairyourview@tfl.gov.uk

You can also write by post to: FREEPOST TFL HAVE YOUR SAY. You do not need to use a stamp.

The last day to give your feedback is Friday 29 July 2022.

Join us on 27 June to discuss the consultation

Inclusion London are hosting a meeting with DDPOs to discuss this consultation on 27 June (2.30 – 4pm). This meeting will be an opportunity for DDPOs to understand the policy proposal included in the GLA’s consultation and how it will impact Deaf and Disabled Londoners.

In the meeting DDPOs will be able to have a say on this proposal, ask questions to Transport for London and share their views on what can be done by the GLA to mitigate the negative financial impact that this policy would generate. Inclusion London will explain how DDPOs can respond to the consultation and provide any support DDPOs need to engage with this.

To register for this event, please click on the following link: 27 June ULEZ DDPO meeting

If you are interested in finding out more about the consultation and sharing your views on how the ULEZ expansion could impact you, please get in touch with Laura Vicinanza, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, at laura.vicinanza@inclusionlondon.org.uk