Government Launches Consultation into Health and Disability Benefits Green Paper

We are encouraging all Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations to respond to the government’s consultation into the Health and Disability Benefits Green Paper logo

Last week the government announced their consultation into the Health and Disability Benefits Green Paper.

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This green paper considers the options for addressing some of the short- to medium-term issues in health and disability benefits. It will also start a discussion about the opportunities for wider change to deliver on the objectives of the health and disability benefit system.

They have split the consultation into five themes, with a total of 40 questions:

  • Ways to provide more support to help meet the needs of disabled people and people with health conditions and allow them to more easily access and use benefits and services.
  • Improve employment support for disabled people and people with health conditions, and how to encourage people to take up that support, where possible.
  • Short-term improvements to our current services such as improvements to assessments and decision making, to improve the experience of disabled people.
  • Changes to future assessments and alternative approaches.
  • Changes that could be made to the structure of the main benefits claimed by working-age disabled people and people with health conditions.

We are looking to get DDPOs views on the consultation and what Inclusion London should include in our response. We are also encouraging all DDPOs to submit their own response to ensure that the views and needs of Deaf and Disabled People are heard.

We are holding our Campaigns Forum on the 4th of August, 2-4pm, to gather views and evidence from DDPOs. The link to sign up is here: Campaigns Forum, 4th of August, 2-4pm

If you cannot attend, or you wish to email your evidence and views to us, please email

We are particularly looking for evidence regarding:

  • What more could be done to improve reasonable adjustments to make sure that DWP services are accessible to disabled people?
  • What more information, advice or signposting is needed? How should this be provided?
  • During the coronavirus pandemic the DWP introduced assessments by telephone and video call as a temporary measure. In your view, in future, what mixture of methods should they use to conduct assessments?
  • How could they improve telephone and video assessments, including making sure they are as accurate as possible?
  • What more could they do to reduce repeat assessments, where someone has a condition that is unlikely to change?
  • Decisions can be changed after an appeal has been lodged but before a tribunal hearing takes place. How can they improve the way we communicate a new decision in this situation?
  • What other changes could they make to improve decision making?
  • How could they improve the experience when people claiming Child DLA are invited to apply for PIP?

Any information or evidence from your advice services or elsewhere you can provide to us would be extremely helpful.

The consultation closes on the 11th of October.