Big Learning Event on hidden hate, held 22 March 2022

Our third annual event focused on where hate hides and what we can do about it as individuals and communities

If we believe in, ‘nothing about us without us’, then we, as Disabled people, need to be part of the solution to hate crime against us. This event showed how committed and willing we all are to work together to combat hate crime in our communities.

Held online on 22 March 2022, we had a performance by Ignite Theatre, presentations from Louise Holden and Lara Conner from Inclusion London on why and how hate hides; Breaking out the Bubble gave us insights into how hate crime manifests for people they support and what they do about it; We had Tam Preboye from Stay Safe East using a case study to highlight the complex work of hate crime advocates and the Hate Crime Secondment Project; Dr Louise Hewitt from Greenwich University presented on her research on how the Metropolitan Police Service deal with hate crimes against Disabled people, which shows a way to make real change to improve their practice; and Victim Support were there on the day to provide emotional support to anyone needing it throughout the day and gave a short presentation on their services.

We ended with an open discussion on how we can change what we do, with Hope in the Heart telling us about an exciting project using art-based campaigning to help people transform their trauma into something that feels better for them. Our open discussion was full of ideas on how to combat hate crime, including better education and training, more focus on young disabled people and alternative ways to recover from the trauma of hate crime.

Materials and presentations from the day are available to download here:

Big Learning Event: Hidden Hate 22 March 2022 Programme
Introduction to Hidden Hate -Louise Holden
Where Hate Hides – Lara Connor
DDPO Hate Crime Data Project First Six Months
DDPO Hate Crime Data Project First Six Months Easy Read
Intersectionality Easy Read
Hate Crime Case Study – Tam Preboye. To follow.
Breaking Out Of The Bubble. To follow.
Disability Hate Crime – Dr Louise Hewitt
Victim Support. To follow.
Ignite Theatre – Can You Save Jason (YouTube link)

If you want to reference any of the individual presentations or the presentation as a whole, please use the references below:

Inclusion London. (2022) Hidden Hate. Inclusion London’s Big Learning Event 2022, 22 March, online.

To reference the Hate Crime Data Project report:

Conner, L. (2022) The DDPO Disability Hate Crime Data Project: Data and analysis from the first six months. Inclusion London. [Online:]

A number of other userful links were shared during the event. You can download a list on the following link:

Big Learning Event – Useful Links Word document

This event was attended by 35 people from DDPOs, commissioners, funders, public services and Disabled people and general public.