Considering a safe return to work, and improving systems for home working

Resources from the webinar held on 28 July 2020

Considering a safe return to work, and improving systems for home working

Below are resources from this webinar held online on 28 July 2020.

The webinar was delivered by Alex Hendra (Associate Business Consultant, Inclusion London) and Meena Khanom (Finance Manager REAL).

About the Webinar

DDPOs joining our regular problem solving sessions have shared some of their approaches to assessing whether staff can safely return to work, and ways they have improved systems for homeworking. In this workshop, Meena Khanom from REAL in Tower Hamlets and Alex Hendra, Inclusion London’s Business Consultant shared some of that learning with other DDPOs.
The webinar covered systems being used for risk assessments, health and safety assessments, return to work interviews, and using IT solutions to improve file sharing and collaboration.

Section 1

Meena Khanom presented what REAL have learned about improving systems for home working and assessing staff needs for both working at home and returning to the office. This included:

  • use of Microsoft office 365 for better collaboration, staff communication and file sharing
  • access to free licenses and the differences between free and paid for software
  • development of forms and systems for assessing staff home working needs and safety (including online and paper versions)
  • what you need to have in place for safe return to office working and examples of risk assessment systems and forms

Section 2

Exploration of other issues DDPOs are concerned about as they consider a return to the office.

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Video of the webinar: