Cases closed for workers on furlough & evidence needed for campaign

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Last week, campaigners became aware that from 14 August, Access to Work (AtW) was closing cases for Deaf and disabled workers still on furlough. What this means is that when furlough ends, any workers who need AtW to return to work will have to re-apply for their support package. This will increase the burden on Deaf and disabled workers on top of the many other barriers they face to staying in employment. There is no obvious reason why the Department for Work and Pensions should have to close rather than pause their furloughed caseload. We can only assume this is a cynical attempt to save money by making it more difficult for workers to claim support from AtW in the hopes that some will simply give up. Once again, we see the government stacking the decks against Deaf and disabled workers and exposing the emptiness of their rhetoric about wanting to help Deaf and disabled people into employment.

This is also just the latest example of problems with AtW that have been experienced since Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown.

StopChanges2AtW wants to hear any and all examples of difficulties with AtW since 1st March 2020 that you’ve experienced since early March 2020. These could have negatively affected Deaf and disabled workers as well as interpreters or Personal Assistants paid through AtW.

Please email or send BSL videos to:

We will keep all examples we receive anonymous and use them to produce a mini report which we can use to raise awareness of the types of problems people have faced and to campaign for improvements.

Please note we have also done a BSL version that’s on our website.