Our campaign resources to get your voice heard

Inclusion London is campaigning to ensure the rights and interests of Deaf and Disabled people are protected during this difficult time.

You can find our key concerns and asks in the letters we sent to Central government and London Councils.

We want to make sure:

  • Disabled people who use social care continue getting the support they need
  • Disabled people have enough money to live on
  • Disabled people’s lives are protected and we have equal access to medical treatment
  • Access and equality are not sacrificed during this emergency period.

Below you will find the latest updates about our campaigning activity and resources to help you raise issues and concerns.

You can find information about your rights and template letters you could use to advocate in your individual case on our Resources for Advice Services during the coronavirus crisis page here.

Take action to support our campaigns and raise your concerns and issues

  • Tell your MP about the difficulties you or people you support are experiencing and the impact this has on you.  MPs are monitoring the situation and will hold the government to account.  You can use this website to do this https://www.writetothem.com
  • Sign a petition to ensure a BSL interpreter is present at all emergency announcements from the Government. Sign the  petition
  • Let us know about your current social care experience during this crisis so we can campaign more effectively on things that matter.  Fill in our survey.
  • Let us know about the bad but also positive examples we can share and publicise. 
  • Here is an example of a letter from London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to Direct Payment users and this is their statement on co-production where they emphasise the importance of making decisions with Disabled residents.
  • Inclusion London has joined other DDPOs and allies calling on the NHS to ensure Disabled people are not disadvantaged in accessing medical treatment during this difficult time. You can read the letter and sign it on DR UK’s Website
  • Help gather intelligence to understand and map the impact of Covid-19 on Londoners and civil society. We are part of a team working across the Greater London Authority, London Plus, London Funders and the City of London Corporation, which is called the Funding, Community and Volunteering cell within the London COVID-19 Strategic Co-ordination Group (SCG). The London SCG is the cross-agency partnership responsible for providing leadership and support to London at this time. And within this, one of the key threads of work is a focus on people who are vulnerable or at risk. We are asking civil society organisations to take part in a weekly 5 min survey so we can better understand the impact of this crisis. To sign up email civilsociety@london.gov.uk.


And finally, follow us on social media for the quickest updates about our campaigns and check our website for the latest campaign news.