Inclusion London Briefing – A Need to Permanently End Sanctions and Conditionality

Report from Inclusion London urging the Government to permanently end the use of sanctions and conditionality in the social security system

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Inclusion London has previously extensively campaigned on issues relating to social security and welfare benefits, including a Stop and Scrap of Universal Credit, an end to sanctions and conditionality, and major reform of the Work Capability Assessment, amongst other issues.

Throughout the pandemic period, Inclusion London has been closely monitoring the situation and how it has affected Disabled people, through surveys, working with our member DDPOs, through forums such as the Inclusion London Campaign forum, and with our interactions with individual Deaf and Disabled People.

In this briefing, we have listed our concerns relating to the reintroduction of conditionality and sanctions in the social security system. We strongly recommend the government permanently end the use of sanctions and conditionality.


  • Sanctions and conditionality should be permanently stopped, as they have been proven not to work and put claimants at greater risk during the pandemic.
  • Job centres should not reopen to the public, or if they do open, they should be by appointment only with strict social distancing and other anti-infection measures put in place.
  • All back to work support should be voluntary and it should be individualised and organised in a way that is accessible and does not put people at additional risk.  
  • Additional support should be put in place for those people who experience digital exclusion.

Download the full briefing here: Inclusion London Briefing: A Need to Permanently End Sanctions and Conditionality