Calling all DDPOs – take part in our England wide DDPO survey

Help us to gather urgent evidence about our sectors organisational, voice and movement building needs

Please take part in our survey

Find out more and download the survey flyer here (pdf version) or word version here.

We now have, in 2020, a DDPO sector and wider Disabled people’s rights movement that is chronically under-resourced, fragmented and precarious. Since 2015 about 25% of DDPOs have closed and many are hanging on by a thread.  It is not just a financial crisis caused by austerity cuts nationally and locally.  DDPOs also face considerable challenges in supporting and developing new leaders, ensuring we reflect the diversity of our communities and having our voices heard in a hostile environment.

We are carrying out research, with 7 regional DPO partners and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund (NLCF) to better understand the voice, policy and organisational needs of DDPOs at a regional and national level in England in 2020.  The findings and recommendations from this survey and related research will form the basis of funding applications to address the needs we identify.

That’s why your participation is so important, so we can present an accurate picture of the state of the DDPO sector in England and what we need to thrive now and in the long term as a sector and a movement

The survey should not take any longer than 25 minutes to fill out. We know your time is precious and we have tried to keep this survey as short as possible but by taking part you are really helping us secure the future of DDPOs and our movement. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to some of the questions – it is more important you get to the end of the survey than have answers for all.  If you don’t know the answer to a question please just move on to the next one until you get to the end.  All responses will be anonymised in the final report.

To take part in our survey please click on this link

We will also be running a series of online focus groups for DDPOs in November and December to look at our sectors needs in more depth so if you are interested in attending please contact Tracey at

Thank you in advance.