Write to the political parties and candidates

Write to election candidates to secure pledges

The image captures two individuals engaged in an activity at a table, with one person appearing to assist the other in planning. The individual being assisted is in a blue jacket, seated in a wheelchair,

We recommend sending an email to the political parties from your DDPO  detailing the pledges and also encouraging members to write to local candidates too.

You can find contacts details of your local candidates here whocanivotefor.co.uk

Individual template email

Dear [place election candidate name here],

I am writing to you as a local voter ahead of the upcoming elections. As a Deaf/Disabled person in your ward, I am getting in touch to share with you our key pledges.

(Include pledges here.)

As my prospective councillor, I would welcome your support to make sure these issues are addressed; and I would like to hear how you would implement these if elected.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



DDPO template email to parties and candidates

Dear [place election candidate name here],

We want you to make a commitment to the following pledges if elected:

  • Pledge 1
  • Pledge 2
  • Pledge 3
  • Pledge 4
  • Pledge 5
  • Pledge 6