Analyse the forces

You know what needs to change. Ask this: ‘why hasn’t it happened already?’

Once you have agreed on what you want to change,  Chris Rose recommends asking and exploring: ‘why hasn’t it happened already?

Try mapping out the forces for and against what you want to happen. Draw a map of the problem – the people involved, the organisations, the institutions – work out exactly what the mechanisms are for the decisions you want to change. (Chris Rose, 12 Basic guidelines for campaign strategy)

Key questions to explore and work out

  • Why hasn’t changed happened already?
  • Who has the power to make change happen?
  • Who are the people for (allies), against (opponents) and who may be persuaded either way (neutral)?
  • Who is the target audience (there may be more than one)?
  • What are the solutions you are calling for in the campaign?
  • What does success look like?