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The “Bring People Home From Psychiatric Hospital” government asks have been written by people with learning difficulties (sometimes called people with learning disabilities) and Autistic people.


The Mental Health law and guidance says that Mental Health Hospitals should very rarely be used for us. The Mental Health law is not working.



Government Ask Number 1

A powerful say on how to keep us out of psychiatric hospitals. Our voice is important to having a good life.



Government Ask Number 2

Our right to live decent lives in our communities. Laws need to be changed so they uphold disabled people’s UNCRPD human rights to live in the community.



Government Ask Number 3

To be treated with respect and protected from abuse everywhere. Tougher legal action by the Care Quality Commission, including criminal prosecution, is needed against service staff who harm us.

Organisations who have signed our government asks


All Wales People First, Alliance for Inclusive Education, Autisma CIC, The Challenging Behaviour Foundation, Disability Rights UK, Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP), Hear Us, Independent Living Alternatives, Learning Disability England, Liberation, My Life My Choice, National Autistic Taskforce, National Survivor User Network (NSUN), One Place East, People First (Self Advocacy), People First (Scotland), Reclaiming Our Futures AllianceSocial Action Solutions, Stripped of Human Rights Campaign, Tech for Disability, The 1-in-5 FreeOurPeople UK and International human rights campaigns movements, The People First Podcast, Trans Safety Network, Voluntary Organisations Disability Group, WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities), WISH


Statements of support


People First, a voice for people with learning difficulties

“We want the Government to protect the rights and dignity of all people with learning difficulties. We still live in a country where there are scandals of abuse in these institutions. We deserve better – we have a right to live in a world where we are not locked away or written off!”


National Autistic Taskforce

“The National Autistic Taskforce is supporting the Bring People Home from Hospital manifesto because we need effective action to end the scandal of autistic people and people with learning difficulties being detained in psychiatric hospitals. We need good support and services to enable us to live good lives in the community. There have been years of promises and inaction. Now autistic people and people with learning difficulties and our organisations are demanding a powerful voice to end inappropriate detentions and bring people home. We urge candidates from all parties to commit to supporting our asks.”


People First Scotland

People First (Scotland) support the Bring People Home from Hospital manifesto because NO person with a learning disability should have to call a hospital a home. We have been campaigning for many years to end institutionalisation and to fully realise our right to live in the community. We demand change and call on governments across the UK to listen to us and act now to get people out of hospital.


My Life My Choice

Hear from National Autistic Taskforce and My Life My Choice to find out why they’re supporting the Bring People Home From Psychiatric Hospital Manifesto: