Support for DDPO Hate Crime Advocates

For members of the London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership, Inclusion London have a range of support for Advocates dealing with Hate Crime casework. 

For members of the London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership, Inclusion London have a range of support for Advocates dealing with Hate Crime casework. 

Hate Crime Advocacy is challenging and rewarding work. The issues involved are often distressing, emotional and highly demanding. Casework often has multiple subject areas and is often not directly related to Hate Crime legal processes and the Criminal Justice System. Cases can be open for years due to slow processes outside of an Advocates control.

We have been told that providing this type of advocacy can be particularly impactful to HC Advocates, both professionally and personally and that HC Advocates would benefit from additional support to what is being offered within their DDPO. This was due to the specialist expertise needed in Advocacy and Hate Crime that sometimes is not available or within the scope of general line management.

With Hate Crime against Disabled people on the rise in London, it is important to support our Hate Crime Advocates as much as we can.

Our range of support includes one to one external support, bi-monthly advocate forums, emotional resilience and boundary setting workshops; and membership to Black Belt Advocacy.

These are provided by Kate Mercer, who is an experienced Advocacy Specialist and founder of Black Belt Advocacy.

One-to-one support for Hate Crime Advocates

Involves having an hour a month via phone or Skype with Kate Mercer who can tailor this to whatever is needed and is strictly confidential. One advocate who is currently receiving the support has told us how invaluable it has been for them in dealing with issues and how useful it is to have external confidential support in this way.

Bi-Monthly Forums 

New for 2020, these are coordinated by Kate Mercer with a rotating Chair led by HC Advocates offering peer support and learning on complex casework, focusing on workable solutions.

Dates for 2020:

  • Tuesday July 28
  • Tuesday Sept 22
  • Tuesday Nov 24

All sessions are 90 minutes long and start at 1.30pm

Emotional Resilience & Boundary Setting Workshops

For 2020 due to COVID, these workshops are now being offered to any frontline DDPO staff, not just Hate Crime advocates.

These free workshops aim to take you from surviving to thriving, especially during COVID19. You will learn how to use tools to manage stress and workload. Or if you already have a good mental health toolkit, they are an opportunity to take some time for yourself and be reminded about how to keep boundaries and emotionally resilient.

These free online sessions have been set up to support any DDPO staff who offer frontline services providing casework or peer support.

We invite any DDPO staff in these roles to join:

  • CEOs / Directors
  • Team Leaders
  • Service Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Hate Crime Advocates
  • General Advocates
  • Care Act Advocates
  • Advice & Information Workers
  • Direct Payment Support Workers
  • DDPO volunteers who support the above roles

These sessions will take place on the following dates at 1.30pm for approx 60 mins:

  • Aug 6th
  • Aug 27th
  • Sept 10th
  • Sept 24th
  • Oct 8th

To reserve a place please complete this booking form:

Membership to Black Belt Advocacy

DDPO HC Advocates can receive a free membership to Black Belt Advocacy, which offers regular support, learning and guidance relating to advocacy casework.

By becoming members, advocates can access weekly webinars including a rolling calender of structured lecture style sessions in addition to weekly human library support sessions where advocates can bring case work or practical issues to explore amongst peers.  Blackbelt members also receive access to regular video and other resources which keep people up to date.

Specialist Legal advice support – in development

For 2020, the Inclusion London Hate Crime Project is working with our Campaigns & Justice Project to provide specialist support via the Legal Network. This may involve one to one advice on casework or workshops exploring complex legal issues relating to DHC. More news soon.

How to access

For information on the London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership and Specialist Legal Advice Support, contact Louise Holden directly via or call 

To book support for HC Advocacy , contact Kate Mercer directly via or call 07876 158 276.