New rules for wearing face coverings

Where face coverings should be worn, who is exempt and facing harassment for not wearing one

Face mask

We have received this important message from the Home Office Hate Crime Team:

“As you may be aware, today (24 July) new rules on the wearing of face coverings in public, namely shops, supermarkets and indoor shopping centres have been introduced. I thought it would be helpful to direct you towards information that addresses all aspects of when and where face coverings should be worn but equally as important, clarity on who is exempt from those requirements.

There are two links which will be helpful in clarifying all aspects of wearing face coverings. They are:

Gov.UK – (COVID-19) safer travel guidance for passengers

Transport for London


We are aware of deplorable incidences in which individuals with a disability have been harassed and mocked for not wearing a face covering. Baroness Williams of Trafford, Minister of State for Countering Extremism, has clearly stated in a tweet that this is wholly unacceptable.  Please share and retweet.

“We must keep in mind that not everyone can wear a face covering, including those with disabilities. The targeting, mocking and attacking people because of their disability, which may not always be visible, may be a hate crime and will not be tolerated by this government or police.”

Further information

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