Evaluating Disability Hate Crime – Handbook for DDPOs

This toolkit will provide DDPO’s with recommendations on the evaluation of Hate Crime and why it is important.

This handbook has been developed, via funding from Trust for London, by Merton Centre for Independent Living in collaboration with some members of the London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership. It is part of MCIL’s Pan-London Hate Crime Project that works with DDPOs offering secondments to improve their response and services for Hate Crime in their local area.

The aim of the handbook is to provide a clear structure for developing evaluation tools within your DDPO’s strategic work on Hate Crime. It uses clear examples from DDPOs already involved in Hate Crime work. By using these excellent tools for evaluation, you can build a body of evidence to show the impact of your work and use in funding applications.

Content summary

  • Definition and Recognising Disabled Hate Crime
  • Why is Hate Crime Evaluation Important?
  • The Evaluation Plan
  • Top Tips for Data Collection
  • Types of Evaluation Methods
  • Hate Crime Advocate Data Capture and Monitoring
  • Hate Crime Casework
  • Some Recommendations for DDPOs
  • Overall Outcomes
  • Glossary of Terms

You can download a copy here: Hate Crime Evaluation Handbook