Be part of our DDPO Hate Crime video resources

We’re creating some videos to accompany our co-produced Hate Crime resources and we want to feature you!

Be part of our DDPO Hate Crime video resources!

We’re creating some videos to accompany our co-produced Hate Crime resources and we want to feature you!

We’d like you to take part in an ‘I Believe’ interactive exercise where you respond to statements on a scale of ‘Strongly Agree’ to ‘Strongly Disagree’. An important part of this exercise is hearing the lived experience of Disabled People and staff working for DDPOs. So, we want to capture your responses to the statements that will be featured in the exercise.

Due to the ongoing restrictions resulting from the global covid-19 pandemic, we’re creating all video resources virtually and are asking staff of our member DDPO’s to contribute by vlogging (filming) themselves from wherever they are isolating.

How to do it 

Find a quiet and well-lit space. Get your smartphone and set to video (so you can film yourself). Introduce yourself and then read out the following statements* and say whether you  ‘Strongly Agree’ ‘Agree’ ‘Disagree’ or ‘Strongly Disagree’  and give the reason for your response:

  1. If I see a Disabled Person whilst out I always offer them help
  2. Hate Crime doesn’t really happen to Disabled People
  3. I know what to do if I see a Disabled Person being abused on public transport
  4. I would know if a Disabled tenant has been ‘cuckooed’
  5. Bullying is Hate Crime
  6. I know how to spot if a Deaf Person has been a victim of Hate Crime

*You do not have to answer all questions. Just the ones that you feel that you can – those you have an opinion on or lived experience of. We want to offer participants an opportunity to identify any existing bias and the importance of allyship, so please include any personal experience where you are comfortable.

Please submit all of your completed vlogs to this folder, to allow us to access and download them. We are asking that all videos are submitted by the end of this month (Sunday 28th February 2021).

Please note that by submitting a film you consent to us using your video for this project and any final resources. The Filmanthropy consent form can be downloaded here.

Tips on vlogging

After the year we’ve had, we’re sure that you’re all pros at capturing yourselves on camera. However, here’s a really simple video that explains the basic steps for capturing good vlog footage. Or a summary of main pointers, below:

  1. Introduce yourself to us so that we know who we’re listening to and can credit you in the edit.
  2. Try and make your answers short and snappy! This allows us to feature as many people as possible.
  3. Find a quiet space with no background noise and as little visual distractions as possible.
  4. Clean your lens before you start. This can be as simple as wiping it with a piece of clothing or a microfibre cloth like the one you get with glasses (if you have one!)
  5. Make sure that you are in a room with enough light then stand with the light source in front of you, rather than behind you, to avoid being a shadow.
  6. Hold your phone landscape (on its side), not portrait.
  7. Try and keep the shot as steady as possible by either leaning it on a surface or asking someone to hold the camera and film you.

Thank you in advance for getting involved! Your voice and contribution will play a really important part in the project.