Anne Novis MBE receives Metropolitan Police Commendation Award

Anne Novis MBE, Inclusion London’s Chair and independent advisor to the Metropolitan Police has received a Commendation Award for her work.

The Commendation award ceremony was organised by the Greenwich Metropolitan Police and held on 26 June 2019 at The Warren, near Bromley, Kent. Anne was awarded this commendation due to her work in Greenwich as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Independent Advisory Group in Greenwich.

Anne was invited by the Mayor of Greenwich to attend and to receive the award for her, “outstanding dedication, motivation and commitment to the public and communities of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, especially matters involving disability and hate crime.” Anne was presented the award by South East Borough Command Unit Commander Simon Dobinson.

The Metropolitan Police award these commendations to outstanding individuals, usually Police Officers, but sometimes members of the public to acknowledge their achievements that go above and beyond usual work practice.

Anne Novis was first invited to become an Independent Advisor to the Metropolitan Police due to her work with the local Greenwich Independent Advisory Group and after her advice for Police following the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. Anne set up the first Disability Independent Advisory Group then, and has continued ever since. Anne was a victim of Hate Crime herself and believes strongly that Independent Advisors make a real difference to the Police policies and procedures to improve Disabled people’s experience of the Police. Anne says, “There are a huge number of issues affecting Disabled people and the Police. The Police always listen and they really need that input as they are a huge organisation and it really helps them understand and make a difference.”
Anne also said that if anyone would like to get more involved to improve Disabled people experience of the Police they can get involved via their local safer neighbourhood panels. Disabled people can also get Involved with their local DDPOs for local campaigns. If their local DDPO are not doing work on Hate crime, they could look into what their local council is doing. If a DDPO is already involved, ask them if they need volunteers or ask to represent them at the local Police Independent Advisory Group.