The Mental Capacity Act and how it affects us

People First have written an article on the Mental Capacity Act and how it affects people with learning difficulties

There are too many problems with the law and how it doesn’t uphold human rights of people with learning difficulties, autism and mental health support needs. It allows discrimination often in the name of protection and making sure people are safe. It often excludes people from making important decisions about their life and it does not address the power imbalance that so many individuals experience no matter where they live and what they do. Many problems are also to do with how the laws are implemented and enforced.

Andrew Lee Director of People First and Christine Spooner Chair of People First have co-written an article with Svetlana Kotova, our Director of Campaigns & Justice, which discusses how the Act affects people on the receiving end.

The article appears in the December 2019 Essex Chambers Newsletter. You can read the full article “We are not P’s, we are People” here .