BBC Interview: Disabled people on the difficulties of finding work

Inclusion London hosted this BBC interview with Disabled people who have faced barriers to employment.

Paul Ntulila in front of poster which says 'Social Model'


The government says  “We are bold in our ambition and we must also be bold in action”.

While Ministers for the Department for Work and Pensions were busy announcing the launch of a green paper consultation, “Work, health and disability: improving lives”, the BBC disability news team came to Inclusion London to speak to Deaf and Disabled people about the real barriers to employment that we face.

Watch the interview:

Please note: An Inclusion London policy response to “Work, health and disability: improving lives” is being prepared. We will be consulting with London DDPOs on a submission to the green paper but meanwhile we would be happy to hear your views on the government proposals and any case studies or experiences that illustrate both barriers and potential solutions.

Still from BBC interview which reads: If the government wants disabled people in the workplace they need to support them