Inclusion London send urgent letter to London Councils

Inclusion London have written to London Councils requesting urgent measures to protect and support Disabled Londoners during the COVID-19 emergency

Wheelchair user about to get into a London taxi

Inclusion London have today written to Local Councils in London requesting urgent measures to protect and support the 1.2 million Disabled Londoners in our city.

Our letter to the CEO and Strategic Lead of Health and Adult Services states:

“As the country and London in particular are trying to grapple with the Covid 19 emergency we are writing to you to raise specific concerns to ensure London’s Local Councils take urgent co-ordinated action to ensure Disabled Londoners, who make a sizable proportion of the at-risk group, are well and safe.

In the coming months many people are facing the prospect of sick leave, extended self isolation, unemployment, poverty, hunger and rising debt. Those who rely on social care support are facing an extremely challenging situation with already inadequate levels of support under huge pressure from expected high levels of infection and self isolation amongst Disabled people and the social care workforce. 

Although communities are mobilising, it is important to remember that for many Disabled people it will not be safe, practical or possible to rely on informal support.  Likewise, general social distancing and self-isolation measures are meaning that many older and Disabled people will be cut off from advice and support and will potentially be exposed to much higher risks of violence and abuse.    

We outline below some urgent measures that we strongly urge London Councils, in partnership with Local London Councils, should action to protect and support the 1.2 million Disabled Londoners in our city.”

Our urgent measures include recommendations on social care, food security, advice, support and inclusion.

You can download a full copy of the letter here.