Celebrating our history

As part of UK Disability History Month and to celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities we are sharing this timeline of the DDPO movement over the last 40 years.

Celebrating our history: the timeline of DDPOs is the timeline of progress towards our equality and inclusion


We have tried to capture in this visual timeline, some but by no means all, of the influential DDPOs and campaigns over the last 40 years who together through activism, persistence, resilience and solidarity,  have brought about real cultural, policy and legal progress towards our equality and inclusion.

Nobody handed these advances to us and especially not the disability charities, we fought for them ourselves through our own self organization.

So much of what we have secured, shown in our timeline, is now being dismantled, hollowed out or under threat. How have we responded?  By keeping going, by keeping self organizing.

But we must also take time to celebrate and share what we have achieved and continue to achieve. So please download the timeline and pass on.

Tracey Lazard, CEO Inclusion London