Restore the rights of Disabled people – scrap the Coronavirus Act easements

Support our campaign to restore Disabled people’s rights taken away by the Coronavirus Act

Poster with the words Discrimination, Rights and Voice

Inclusion London is working with Disability Rights UK, Liberty , ALLFIE and other organisations to push the government to restore Disabled people’s rights taken away by the Coronavirus Act.  

Disabled people already experienced discrimination and violation of our rights in many aspects of life.  Instead of supporting us during this difficult time, the government went even further and removed some of our hard fought for rights. 

Disabled people were among those hardest hit by the Pandemic, it is especially true for Disabled people from BAME communities.  Two thirds of people who died from Coronavirus were Disabled.  

We believe at a time when people need support the most, weakening our legal rights to social care and education and removing already inadequate safeguards in Mental Health law is unacceptable.  

You can help us change this

Write to your MP and ask them to vote for amendments which restore our rights. The Coronavirus Act 6-month review will take place on 30th September so this is a chance to make changes.

Sign and share the campaign statement on the DR UK (Disability Rights UK) website

You can read our briefings about social care and education easements here and share with your MP.

What are ‘easements’ and why are we so worried?

As part of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, the government introduced temporary powers which allowed them to weaken local authorities duties in relation to social care and education. The weakening of duties towards Disabled adults, children and young people is called “easements”.  The Care Act easements were introduced on the 31st of March 2020, but each local authority has to make its own decision to implement them.  Some education easements were implemented during the summer.