‘Invisible’ art installation raising awareness of the plight of Disabled People in the UK

Art installation created by Mary Ellen from DPAC showing at the Buddhafield Festival

Mary Ellen has been showcasing elements of her art installation at Buddhafield Festival for many years to raise awareness in the general population about how Disabled people are made invisible in modern Britain and their human rights denied.

This year Louise Holden from Inclusion London attended the festival and wrote this report:
“Mary Ellen’s art installation is a powerful piece. Sitting bang in the middle of a main throughfare, Mary engages with passerbys and tells them all about what has been hidden from mainstream society; the systematic violation of Disabled people’s human rights leading to a system that leaves Disabled people to starve to death or commit suicide. She asks people to become aware and get involved in the fight for Disabled people’s lives; not by contacting their MP, as they are already aware of what is going on, but by supporting Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and passing the message on to other people in the wider community.”








“It was interesting to observe how people interacted with the art installation, which is part of a larger work Mary Ellen took to Glastonbury Festival earlier this year. People were not sure if it was ok to look or glanced and looked away, which made me think of the experience of many Disable people of either being stared at or ignored.
Mary Ellen said that she has to invite people to look, which is part of the work she does when taking the art installation out to different locations.”
You can join and add your support for DPAC via www.dpac.uk.net